Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Day Z vs The War Z

In two days time the launch price of $19.49...around £14? expires for the War Z so you can get beta access on Halloween. Many people are saying it's just a rushed clone of the Arma 2 mod the Day Z which is getting it's own game release in a few months time. After viewing some of the youtube alpha videos the War Z does look a bit buggy with zombies just standing there and not attacking but there is time for these issues to be addressed. It does look impressive in the Colorado setting and the graphics appear a bit more sharper to me so I think I'm just going to take the plunge and purchase it now! Only twelve more days to wait until the zombie apocalypse begins but hell, who can wait 3-4 months anyway?!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Grave Encounters (2011) Review

Okay, so I've just finished watching Grave Encounters. The film starts off quite REC-esque, you know the whole video-camera "real-footage" style. A group of reality TV paranormal investigators go to a haunted mental asylum and plan to spend the whole night there in an attempt to capture any "ghostly" goings-on. It doesn't take too long before windows start opening and doors closing etc but the film really kicks in when the apparitions/manifestations begin to appear! Oh yeah! They walk round the darkened corridors with their cameras and flashlights like in the game FEAR. One of the crew members disappears when going to pack up the camera equipment and then they find him in a room later on wearing a hospital gown and completely insane. There are a few jumpy scenes in the movie but ones more or less that I found hilarious - such as the bloody-girl-in-the-bath scene! Doors mysteriously appear and they become trapped in the building trapped in a never-ending time-warp until the dark demon gets them one-by-one. Overall, the film exceeded my expectations whilst being an entertaining viewing as opposed to a scary one. Well worth a watch and better than any of the paranormal films although shot in a similar style. 7/10