Thursday, 24 July 2014

Write a Novella in 30 days

At this present time in my life I have some time to focus on one of my main goals in write a novella. I've been an occasional lurker on nanowrimo for several years and attempted yet failed drastically to achieve the 50,000 words...I managed a measly 2056 words and I have no idea what happened to those! So I am under no allusions; I seriously doubt I could manage the 25,000 in a month judging by my past record and constant strive for perfection and re-editing my work continuously but I guess I need a new approach and who knows this blog may help me achieve a lifelong dream? I'll aim to update daily so let's see how this goes! My idea for the book is a kind of fantasy Lewis Carroll/Tolkien approach with the working title of samhain sunrise. I like how Tolkien never really planned his books and just seen where his mind took him which I can relate to so now I shall begin!

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